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Easter Term Events


2nd May (1)

TALK: OneHealth Policy
We'll be hosting an online talk with an expert speaker, working in OneHealth Policy (further details tbc)

2nd May (2)

Q&A: Committee panel
Join us after the OneHealth Policy talk for a Q&A session about being a part of the CUOHS committee


Are you interested in running for a role on the CUOHS committee for 2023-2024? Check your emails from us at the end of the Easter Vacation for more info, or have a look at our recent instagram post!
Deadline for applications: 3rd May @ 7pm

6th May

CUOHS AGM: Closing session and committee election
Join us on the 6th May for this year's Annual General Meeting, where we'll be electing the incoming CUOHS committee and discussing everything we've accomplished this year!
Timings & location/format to be confirmed

one health and the society

The concept

One health is a growing mission to integrate multiple disciplines on a local, national and global scale to optimise health for people, animals and the environment. Crossing the boundaries between medical, veterinary and environmental care can maximally advance the progression of global health

CUOHS Committee 2022-2023

Sammie Lam

Hi! I’m a 4th year vet student at Murray Edwards with a particular interest in zoonotic diseases. Having learnt a lot about One Health for my intercalation, I’m really excited to promote the concept more widely to the university student body this year!

Kelly Chan

Vice president
Hi everyone! I’m a 3rd year medical student at Murray Edwards, and this year’s Vice President. I believe it is important that the concept of One Health is considered by medics, vets and scientists in their work in view of global changes and working towards a sustainable future.

Rachel Barham

Hiya! I’m a 3rd year vet med at Downing. One Health is an area of disease control often overlooked, yet it provides an opportunity to collaborate and make the world a better place for humans and animals. I can’t wait to help the committee raise awareness of One Health :)

Louisa Yapp

Communications Officer
Hey everyone! I’m a 3rd year medic at Trinity Hall. Learning about the overlap between human and veterinary medicine sounds like a wonderful way to tackle some of planet earth’s biggest problems, and I can’t wait to help spread awareness as this year’s comms officer :)

Joanna Vieira O’Neill

Publicity Officer
Hi everyone! I’m a 3rd year Vet Med. One Health is an important concept to me, with such wide ranging implications for human, animal & planetary health. I look forward to promoting CUOHS and helping others gain understanding of how our fields of study are connected.

Eleanor Connell

Hey! I’m a 3rd year vet student from Magdalene and I am interested in how One Health concepts can be used to predict and manage the spread of diseases. I am really looking forward to getting involved in the One Health Society this year!

Previous Committee: 2021-2022

President: Laura Simpsom
Vice president: Sze Lynn Yuen
Junior treasurer: Toby Corrigan
Logistics Officer: Kelly Chan
Communications Officer: Vanessa Tsang
Publicity Officer: Alexandra Davies
Secretary: Zuzanna Klikowicz


President: Susannah Simpson
Vice president: Sanaa Cockar
Junior treasurer: Tash Schwartz
Logistics Officer: Laura Simpson
Communications Officer: Bilal Amin
Publicity Officer: Sammie Lam
Secretary: Rachel Ibbott


President: Alex Sampson
Vice president: Susannah Simpson
Junior treasurer: Sarah Cox
Logistics Officer: Emily Bedborough
Communications Officer: Dorottya Nagy
Publicity Officer: Tash Schwartz
Secretary: Emily Neve


President: Jennifer Simpson
Vice president: Alexander Mok
Junior treasurer: Susannah Simpson
Logistics Officer: Sarah Bate
Communications Officer: Sarah Cox
Publicity Officer: Frances Hamblin


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