Welcome to Cambridge University One Health Society

The Future of Care... A future We Share - One Health Careers and Networking Day

Saturday 27th January 2018 – 9-6pm Clare College

Calling students from every field! Interested in using your personal skill set to benefit the HEALTH and WELFARE of PEOPLE, ANIMALS and the ENVIRONMENT?

Discover how to realise this dream and be inspired by our speakers, drawn from a variety of academic backgrounds and all eminent in the ONE HEALTH arena. More information coming soon...

In the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation, our mini-conference is open to all, FREE of charge!
Plus, lunch will be provided courtesy of VPHA.

Our Speakers

Simon Hall

Veterinary Director Animal Plant and Health Agency

Andrew Conlan

Dynamic Diseases Unit University of Cambridge

About One Health

What IS One Health?

An international movement aimed at encouraging the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines-working locally, nationally, and globally--for the health of people, animals, and our environment

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