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To apply to be part of the 2018-19 CUOHS committee you must be a a student at Cambridge University until at least April 2019.

Follow this link to apply for a role on the committee.

one health and the society

The concept

One health is a growing mission to integrate multiple disciplines on a local, national and global scale to optimise health for people, animals and the environment. Crossing the boundaries between medical, veterinary and environmental care can maximally advance the progression of global health

CUOHS Committee 2018-2019

Jennifer Simpson

I am a 4th year veterinary student with an interest in health on every level. I have enjoyed studying pathology and epidemiology. The intrinsic links between the environment, animals and humans shows the importance of a broad ‘One Health’ perspective in facing various problems including antimicrobial resistance, food security and zoonotic diseases.

Alexander Mok

Vice president
I am a 2nd year PhD candidate in Population Health Sciences, studying the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases of global and public health concern, namely: cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. I focus on the influence of lifestyle, particularly nutrition and physical activity on longevity and the risk of these diseases. While the focus is on human health, I believe the reciprocity with animal and environmental health are inextricably linked.

Susannah Simpson

Junior treasurer
I am a 2nd year veterinary student. The veterinary profession has a role in the broader context of global health. I am particularly interested in how the sharing of advances in procedures used in human and veterinary medicine can benefit both fields.

Sarah Bate

Logistics Officer
I am a 4th year veterinary student, and I am particularly interested in how humans and animals interact globally. I think the concept of One Health is crucial for everyone working with animals, humans and the environment across the world to understand in order to foster unity, progression, and sustainability.

Sarah Cox

Communications Officer
I am studying pathology in my third year of veterinary medicine and am fascinated by the deep connections between the health of humans, animals and the environment. I am particularly interested in control of zoonotic diseases such as rabies through effective management in animals.

Frances Hamblin

Publicity Officer
I am a 2nd year student on the Graduate Medicine course, with a previous degree in Biology from Oxford, where I specialised in topics such as ecology, conservation and climate change. I am naturally keen to link these areas of interest through One Health, in particular through exploring the link between human and ecological health.

COMMITTEE 2017-2018

President: Emma Simpson
Vice president: Sophie Howarth
Junior treasurer: Jennifer Simpson
Logistics Officer: Daniel Zheng
Publicity Officer: Sophie Corrodi


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