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Freshers’ Fayre

CU Freshers' Fayre: Parker's Piece
Tues 3rd & Weds 4th October

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one health and the society

The concept

One health is a growing mission to integrate multiple disciplines on a local, national and global scale to optimise health for people, animals and the environment. Crossing the boundaries between medical, veterinary and environmental care can maximally advance the progression of global health

CUOHS Committee 2023-2024

Kelly Chan

Hi everyone! I’m a 4th year medic at Murray Edwards – I wish to raise awareness for the concept of One Health which helps protect humans, animals and the environment, so we can all work towards a sustainable future.

Rakesh Chand

Hello! I am a veterinarian and currently a third-year PhD student in Veterinary Medicine. Over the past decade, I have actively engaged in the field of One Health, which unites multiple disciplines for the betterment of both animal and human health. My primary research focus revolves around implementing effective strategies for Rabies control in areas with limited resources. Through research, targeted awareness campaigns, and impactful intervention programs, I have been contributing to the One Health initiative. This year, I am excited to collaborate with the CUOHS to organize captivating events that not only showcase the fascinating aspects of our field but also create lasting impact.

Linda Tang

Hey! I’m a third year medic at Catz. I believe one health is an important concept to be aware of, and it has a wide range of implications. I am looking forward to getting involved in the society this year and helping to raise awareness for one health!

Louisa Yapp

Communications Officer
Hey everyone! I’m a 4th year medic at Trinity Hall. Learning about the overlap between human and veterinary medicine sounds like a wonderful way to tackle some of planet earth’s biggest problems, and I can’t wait to help spread awareness as this year’s comms officer :)

Karsa Ambikaibakan

Logistics Officer
I am interested in neglected tropical diseases and the methods used to control these public health threats. I am really looking forward to getting involved with One Health Society!

Lily Sneddon

Hi everyone, I’m a 2nd year medic at Emma interested in learning more about infectious diseases and the different ways they affect people and the world around them. One Health is really important when considering this, and I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the team and encouraging others to get involved with the society! 😊

Martha Rushbrooke

Publicity Officer
Hi, my name is Martha and I’m a 5th year vet at Catz. I’m the social media officer for CUOHS this year. I have been drawn to the One Health concept ever since reading a book on zoonoses when I was still at school. I believe that health and disease should be studied as a unified concept encompassing nonhuman and human models in order for us to progress in our understanding, and this is what One Health seeks to do.

Previous Committees


President: Sammie Lam
Vice President: Kelly Chan
Junior Treasurer: Rachel Barham
Communications Officer: Louisa Yapp
Publicity Officer: Joanna Vieira O’Neill
Secretary: Ellie Connell


President: Laura Simpsom
Vice president: Sze Lynn Yuen
Junior treasurer: Toby Corrigan
Logistics Officer: Kelly Chan
Communications Officer: Vanessa Tsang
Publicity Officer: Alexandra Davies
Secretary: Zuzanna Klikowicz


President: Susannah Simpson
Vice president: Sanaa Cockar
Junior treasurer: Tash Schwartz
Logistics Officer: Laura Simpson
Communications Officer: Bilal Amin
Publicity Officer: Sammie Lam
Secretary: Rachel Ibbott


President: Alex Sampson
Vice president: Susannah Simpson
Junior treasurer: Sarah Cox
Logistics Officer: Emily Bedborough
Communications Officer: Dorottya Nagy
Publicity Officer: Tash Schwartz
Secretary: Emily Neve


President: Jennifer Simpson
Vice president: Alexander Mok
Junior treasurer: Susannah Simpson
Logistics Officer: Sarah Bate
Communications Officer: Sarah Cox
Publicity Officer: Frances Hamblin


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