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The concept

One health is a growing mission to integrate multiple disciplines on a local, national and global scale to optimise health for people, animals and the environment. Crossing the boundaries between medical, veterinary and environmental care can maximally advance the progression of global health

CUOHS Committee 2021-2022

Laura Simpson

Laura is a 3rd year Biological Natural Science student who is particularly interested in the importance of insects in our ecosystem. Laura’s favorite one health fact is: Diseases affecting key pollinators such as bees are having a huge impact on food security and biodiversity.

Sze Lynn Yuen

Vice president
Sze Lynn is a 4th year studying veterinary medicine at Girton College. She likes One Health because One Health is an interdisciplinary concept that requires collaboration between scientists, medical and veterinary professionals, and the cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between these main groups of individuals can lead to better understanding and prevention of the spread of disease.

Toby Corrigan

Toby is a 5th Year student studying Veterinary Medicine at St Edmunds. The reason he is interested in One Health: ‘It’s a straightforward way to do good for the world that encompasses three of my interests: welfare, ecology, and disease.’

Kelly Chan

Logistics Officer
Kelly is a 2nd Year student studying Medicine at Murray Edwards. Her favorite One health fact is: During labour babies’ guts are rapidly colonized by bacteria from their mother’s gut

Vanessa Tsang

Communications Officer
Nessa is a 4th year student studying Veterinary Medicine at Downing. Nessa is particularly interested in the origin of new or emerging infectious diseases in humans, especially considering 3/4 of them originate from animals.

Alexandra Davies

Publicity Officer
Alex is a 3rd year Veterinary medicine student studying at Magdalene College. She is particularly interested in how collaboration between groups of people can have real impact on the planet. An example of this is the eradication of Rinderpest in 2001 which has saved millions of cows and buffalo and therefore helped to prevent famine.

Zuzanna Klikowicz

Zuzanna is a 5th Year studying Veterinary Medicine at Jesus College. Zuzanna is Especially interested in using the One Health approach during disaster responses and health emergencies.

Previous committee: 2020-2021

President: Susannah Simpson
Vice president: Sanaa Cockar
Junior treasurer: Tash Schwartz
Logistics Officer: Laura Simpson
Communications Officer: Bilal Amin
Publicity Officer: Sammie Lam
Secretary: Rachel Ibbott


President: Alex Sampson
Vice president: Susannah Simpson
Junior treasurer: Sarah Cox
Logistics Officer: Emily Bedborough
Communications Officer: Dorottya Nagy
Publicity Officer: Tash Schwartz
Secretary: Emily Neve


President: Jennifer Simpson
Vice president: Alexander Mok
Junior treasurer: Susannah Simpson
Logistics Officer: Sarah Bate
Communications Officer: Sarah Cox
Publicity Officer: Frances Hamblin


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